A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Get out your fishing rods, and prepare to set sail! The King is in dire need of a piping hot cup of cocoa. Sail across the kingdoms regal fishing pond and discover all kinds of flavored fish to add to the King's cup, unlock recipes and enjoy a nice cruise around the pond!

There are a total of 12 fish! Can you catch them all?

WASD/Arrow: Movement
Space: Start fishing!
Tab: Recipe Box

How To Play:
1. Press Tab to check what your recipe is
2. Use the WASD/Arrow keys to move around the pond and press Space to cast your line!
3. Wait for the exclamation point to pop up and then press Space to start fishing!
4. Keep the red bar on the fish!! Press Space to move right and release to move left.
5. Keep fishing until you finish your recipe!

This game was made in 3 days with additional fixes and updates made post jam for Winter Jam 2019 by:

  • Sabrina Echouafni: 3D Creature Modeler, Prop Modeler, and Texture Artist
  • Kytana Le: Concept Artist, 2D Artist, and UI Designer
  • Patrick Martin: Programmer, Game Designer, and 3D Animator
  • Courtney Millman: 3D Character/Creature Modeler, Prop Modeler, and Texture Artist
  • Jacinta Vu: 3D Environment Modeler, Texture Artist, and Concept Artist


"That's One Sly Cat" by Artificial.Music is licensed under Creative Commons Licensehttps://soundcloud.com/artificial-music/cat


For Mac Users who are unable to open from unidentified developers, you can refer to this to allow it through safely: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491


CastinForCocoa-Windows-v1.0.zip 43 MB
CastinForCocoa-Mac-v1.0.zip 45 MB


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pretty cute, if you recast too quickly animations break though

its very cute and its just chill overall the fishies are adorable :D

(1 edit)

great game, although the controls are kinda hard but that's alright. I do hope that there's a store or cafe where you can sell the drinks and like the fishing is the way to get the ingredients and stuff, just a recommendation but that prob ruins the whole point of the game

Ya boi be fishin for some coco

Love the fishies

so adorable ! love it !

pretty nice game





I played this with a real cup of cocoa and the experience is thoroughly chill. cute game


it was cute :)


The game just crashes when ever i try to open it.

That happened to me too :( , I really wanted to play this game.

Im using a mac and i encountered the same problem. I tried to read the logs and figured out  that it is having problem loading textures.

and what platform are you guys using.

This is a real big issue

im also using mac its happening to me to

I downloaded the game but I get only a blue screen and the chest at the top left :(

Made a video


nice vid

I contact you on behalf of Softpedia's gaming department.  

We have added your game in our database, and would like you to contact us for further details.
We await your Reply!